Meet Gorditas

Hola, and welcome to Gorditas! We are bringing Mexican cuisine to hungry bellies everywhere.

Located in Kendall, Florida, our modest spot boasts an original menu, Wynwood vibes, & unbeatable prices. Since opening our doors in 2016, we’ve proudly been serving both traditional and creative Mexican cuisine to our happy and satisfied customers each and every day.

There is no
problem a burrito
can’t solve.

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Fresh ingredients

We pride ourselves on not only cooking delicious food, but doing so with the freshest and best ingredients.

At Gorditas, you won’t find any store bought salsa, and you certainly won’t taste any fast food guacamole. We purchase our produce daily from Homestead Market and make everything from scratch in-house.

When you eat at Gorditas, you’re getting the best eats and you’re supporting local businesses. Win-win!